All I Need To Know I learned From the Golden Girls: Growing Up Golden Book

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All I Need To Know I Learned From The Golden Girls: Growing Up Golden Book

We've been told that everything we need to know about life can be found in the lessons of kindergarten, Little Golden Books, or from the Twilight Zone. In truth, while those sources make great points, the real lessons of life can be found by hanging out with The Golden Girls. For over thirty years the wit and wisdom of those four sassy broads has withstood the test of time and brought to us not only a blueprint for living well, but also the knowledge we need to do good (in bed if Blanche has anything to do it) and be good (also in bed) as well as vivacious, strong, and fierce (those are both in bed and out of bed). This collection of essays is replete with musings on life, death, love, and the many Italian dishes of Sophia Petrillo. Through the lens of one of the best shows ever to be on television (well, it's no T.J. Hooker, but c'mon, what is?) we go on a journey with the author that is both personal and amusing. The author engages us by relating the virtues and moral ideas gleaned from the show to incidents and characters from her own life. Personal narratives that include: the required endurance needed to be married to an Englishman (they're crazy, if you don't believe me, ask the Queen... I bet she has tales to tell about ol' Phillip), how to date ex-convicts when you don't know you are (seriously, this happened), and even life with a family that includes murderers and drug dealers (same person, but I have to make this exciting). All of this along with a back drop that includes tales from Miami in the 80s. So, grab your shoulder pads, a box of condoms, your St. Olaf yearbook, and a bucket of marinara and relax the one book guaranteed to change your life - even if the only change is having lost a few hours of it to the nonsense in these pages. Or, as the girls would teach us - grab life by the ziti, love each other to the fullest, and never give up on ourselves or our sex lives.