Laughs, Luck... and Lucy Book

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Laughs, Luck...And Lucy How I Came To Create The Most Popular Sitcom Of All Time by Jess Oppenheimer, with Gregg Oppenheimer 

The life of "I Love Lucy" creator Jess Oppenheimer is chronicled here in this fascinating and funny account of one of television's earliest pioneers. Oppenheimer shares his life story with countless anecdotes and fun details about his rise from radio station gofer to inventor of the sitcom, as he winds up writing -- then producing -- Lucille Ball's radio show, "My Favorite Husband," in turn leading to "I Love Lucy" on television. The story is told with help from Oppenheimer's son, Gregg, who stepped up to finish the book upon his father's passing. Includes the 72-minute LUCY'S LOST SCENES Audio CD, complete LUCY scripts (including the only "I Love Lucy" script Lucy and Desi ever refused to perform), and scores of rare behind-the-scenes photos. SPECIAL OFFER: Receive "Laughs, Luck...and Lucy" FREE (plus other perks, including 15% off on all your other gift shop purchases) when you become a Museum Member. Click here to view our membership options.